Big Sean + Beyonce: Albums You Need to Buy

Today (June 28th), Big Sean finally releases his debut album "Finally Famous". I know a lot of people thought this day was never going to happen but it did! And you will probably be pleasantly surprised at the album because it is definitely a solid project. If you're a Big Sean fan, do go out and support. #Detroit #idoit #boi

And furthermore, the one and only Beyonce has released her fourth studio album aptly named "4". If you haven't heard it, you are missing out because she is doing some hardcore singing this go round. Definitely check it out.


Beyonce "Runs the World"...

...just in case you forgot.


Beyonce Teaches You How to "Move Your Body"

Beyonce teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama for her "Kids Need to Stop Eating So Much Junk Food and Getting So Fat" "Let's Move" campaign and created this fun and super adorable video for everyone to remember how great Beyonce is. How many other artists could create a video where you can get your Dougie on, salsa, be patriotic and work out all at the same time??

Now who's ready for that "Run That World" video?


Recommended: Frank Ocean's "Nostalgia, Ultra"

So this singer Frank Ocean, who is also in the terrifying yet entertaining group, Odd Future, dropped his debut album, "Nostalgia, Ultra" in February. I just listened to it (#latepass), but I love it! He has a great, soothing voice and when the last song was over, I went right back to track one and listened to the entire album all over again.

Some of the stand out tracks include "We All Try", "Songs For Women" and the touching ode to lost father's "There Will Be Tears". You can download the album for free so what are you waiting for?

DOWNLOAD: Frank Ocean "Nostalgia, Ultra"


"Friends With Benefits" Trailer

Friends With Benefits looks way better than "No Strings Attached", simply because it has way cooler people in it. Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, Emma Stone, Andy Samburg, Woody Harrelson, the cool mom from Easy A. Take your pick.

There's also a line from Mila Kunis's character throwing shade at Katherine Heigl! Yes! Someone else who realizes how terrible Katherine Heigl and her "I need a guy to teach me how not to be so uptight" movies are. Consider me sold.

Friends With Benefits will be in theaters July 22, 2011.


The World Is Coming to An End

The world as we know it is coming to an end. And not because of massive, destructive earthquakes and tsunamis (please click here to donate to Japan) but because of these clear and obvious signs:

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