Flavor of Making The Raisin In the Sun

Monday had a lot going on television wise. 1st up...we had the 2008 version of Raisin In the Sun (you know, that play by Lorraine Hansberry that you were probably required to read in the 9th grade) starring P. Diddy, Phylicia Rashad, Sanaa Lathan and other important people on ABC. I think the movie was a good look for those who might not be familiar with the play or just wanted to see an updated version of the 1961 film. And yes--Diddy was able to hold his own. Hopefully, it will come on again for people who missed it. But knowing ABC, it was probably a special "Black History Month" treat and won't come on again until next February.

I then switched to the latest episode of Making the Band 4 to see the other side of Diddy I'm more accustomed to. The songs I heard from Day 26 (the guys) sound pretty hott thus far. Willie really has a nice voice. You never really hear too much of Danity Kane's music on the show, but hopefully they are able to put out an album that is as good or better than their 1st album. That last song they were really geeked about sounded like it could go on the new Star Trek movie's soundtrack so we'll see...

And finally, I watched everyone's favorite women degrading show Flavor of Love. I almost feel kind of sorry for FLAVOR (don't spell his name wrong, lol) because the vast majority of the girls on that show looked busted, especially those twins. The whole 2 for 1 thing is getting played so they need to get kicked off ASAP. I wonder how many seasons this is going to go on for? Flavor of Love 25! The challenge of the day? See who can change Flav's diapers the fastest! And just look @ the guy! He is really starting to look like a dried up Dracula! SMH.


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