The Epitome of Bitchassness

When I think of the word "bitchassness" (you know...the term coined by Diddy on Making the Band 4), I think of Ward Connerly. If you aren't familiar with him, he is the man who has been responsible for running around the country proposing and supporting ballots that ban affirmative action. He has already been successful in ending affirmative action in California, Washington and Michigan and is now moving on to 5 other states, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Until everyone in the U.S, no matter what race or socio-economic class, has access to equal education, affirmative action is needed to balance out the system. And I don't want to hear any person who is coming from a position of privilege bitching about reverse racism. If they'd been dragged away from their native countries and faced hundreds of years of oppression, they'd probably have something to complain about to. Soooo...the lesson of the day is that it's important to stay informed and vote (not only for Obama but also NO on these proposals)!!!


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