Random F.Y.Is: America's Best Dance Crew

1. Lil Mama is the most annoying/stupid/random judge ever.
I don't even know why Randy Jackson picked her to be a judge. No one G-Slides in real life. Her commentary usually consists of inarticulate phrases strung together to provide unintentional comedy and confusion for the dance crews and the audience. Her constructive criticism is not useful. For example: "Just when I thought that I was going to get scared...(crickets chirp) You took "Thriller" and you made it into a performance a 3 year old would want to watch for the first time (silence, looks of confusion from Kaba Modern, slow applause)". And damn, I know her lip gloss be poppin but must it always be pink? And the sparkly hat with the hair that already comes attached? WTF.

2. DJ Rashida is NOT a real DJ.
Unless she saves the scratching and mixing for commercial breaks, all "DJ" Rashida appears to do is press play and smile at the camera when Mario introduces her. Despite her actions, where she appears to be scratching records and cueing up for the next song, I have yet to hear any cross fading or anything else that would make it seem like a DJ was at work.

3. Kaba Modern is going to win it all.
The JabbaWockeeZ are a great crew and though I don't think either one is necessarily better than the other, I think Kaba Modern has the popular appeal going for them and will end up getting the most votes.


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