The Highs, Lows, and WTFs of the 2008 BET Awards


1. Alicia Keys performance: Great (live) singing from Alicia. And it was nice to see that the members of SWV and EnVogue are still alive. And TLC is my favorite group in the world, so it was great seeing T-Boz and Chilli.

2. T-Pain's performance: T-Pain is featured on almost every song on the radio so it was cool for him to perform some of those songs w/ the respective artists. I wondered why he didn't bother to perform any of his songs...especially "Silver and Gold" since he does have an album coming out soon.

3. Al Green's tribute: It was great to hear all those wonderful R&B singers doing renditions of every one's favorite Al Green songs. And it was also great to see that Maxwell is still alive...even though he looked 40.

4. Al Green's performance: Al Green tore it up! There is nothing like classic R&B. It was also funny to see everyone in the audience gettin it.

5. Nelly's body: It's on point, lol

6. The Dream winning Best New Artist: His CD "LoveHate" is great. You can listen to it from start to finish without skipping a track. I'm glad to see him getting recognized.


. Usher's performance: Unfortunately, Usher is wack now. His performance was less then entertaining. We've seen his little slides, flips, and locking over and over again. I found myself wondering where was Chris Brown. By the time the show ended, I even forgot he performed. Note to all people thinking about getting married: DON'T. It makes you wack, lol.

2. There clearly needs to be more female hip hop artists. People were getting nominated who only had one single or hadn't been heard from @ all in 2008.

3. I guess no one but the presenters and many performers bothered to show up to the awards.

4. People performing all of their slow jams. I wanted to get hype watching the awards, not to get sleepy.

5. The long ass acceptance speeches. I get that every one had something important to say, but geez. The awards were already running on CP time. Where was the Wrap It Up Box when we needed it???


1. Cuba Gooding needs his black card revoked.

2. Ne-Yo looking like a cross between Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" and O.J. Simpson w/ those leather gloves on. Ne-Yo needs to stop trying to be like Michael. The ability to dance is actually needed for that comparison, not that shuffling around like an old man crap Ne-Yo does.

3. Did Lil Kim finally turn into a white woman???

4. We get it Soulja Boy. You can finally afford to wear designer clothes. That doesn't mean you had to go wear every single Gucci accessory you could find.

What did YOU think of the 2008 BET Awards???


Anonymous said...

Maxwell IS like 40 ni**a!!

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