Take That, Take That

Bad Boy Records is such a sham label. These are the reasons why:

1. The most successful artist on the label is Biggie...and Biggie has been dead for 11 years.

2. The artists only release one single from their albums then disappear for 3 to 4 years before their next album is released--no matter how hyped up their album was or how well the album was received by the public. I guess Danity Kane is going to be riding "Damaged" to the wheels fall off...

3. Their most prominent artists suck. It still blows my mind that Cassie can't sing live when her recordings don't take any type of special vocal skill. Yung Joc's 2nd album Hustlenomics which was released in August 07 has only sold 173,000 copies to date.

4. Diddy is a shameless self promoter. Maybe if he spent as much time promoting his artists like he does himself and Ciroc, they might be able to sell a few records every now and then.


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