[Top 22 Countdown] #22: Mya- Movin' On

I decided to start a count down a Top 22 Countdown featuring my favorite music videos of all time. Why 22? Because that's my fourth favorite number after 9, 11, and 10 and I have a lot of favorite videos.

So let's get it started with the #22 pick, Mya's "Movin' On". The CD that this song was on was the first CD I'd ever bought with my own money and represents when I first started really getting into music. It's a classic video--all the drama, the glide (no one was really doing that back then), and Silk the Shocker, with whom I was in love with @ the time. Whatever happened to that guy? Anywho, enjoy the vid and look forward to 21 more days of throwback excitement!


1:10 said...

Classic!!!!!!!! I loved this track, and yeah, Silk use to be the man. Then again, No Limit use to run things...lol.

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