Don't Sleep: Asher Roth

I know what you're thinking...this guy is a rapper? Well...yeah, actually he is. And he's pretty nice too. Asher Roth hails from Morrisville, PA and is a mix of Eminem + Beastie Boys + a lil bit of A Tribe Called Quest/KanYe. I really like him because he's not trying to be anything but himself: a white boy from the burbs who loves hip hop. His songs are fun, laid back, and easy to relate to. All hip hop doesn't have to be revolutionary, change the game ish and it doesn't have to be about shooting up somebody then slapping a hoe. There's a vast middle ground and I think Asher Roth fits right in there. Check out his MySpace page or download his mixtape that was hosted by the infamous DJ Drama


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