Don't Sleep: New Music

Chris Brown feat. Dre - Flying Solo

This guy has the most songs floating around the net. This is a nice little song but I really just hate the chorus. And suprisingly Dre is really singing and not just saying "This is, this is, this is...".

Michelle Williams- Stop This Car

This is a nice mid-tempo song from Michelle. Can't wait for that album to drop.....any day now, lol

Asia Cruise f/ Fabolous- Rewind

I really have no idea who Asia Cruise is but I like this song, especially Fab's part.

Yung Berg feat. Raheem DeVaughn & Casha - The Business (Remix)

I think Young Berg is the wackest but Radio Raheem really made this song a lot better since he reduced the amount of time we have to hear Young Berg.


One Ten said...

If you like Raheem on this track, you need to check out my blog, I have a link to one of The Game's new tracks featuring him, it's SOOOO smooth! I think you'd like it!

mike Belgrove said...

Chris does have quite a bit of new songs floating around. Seems like everyday I'm getting sent a new one.

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