Kwame Kilpatrick @ Caribana?

If you haven't already heard...the mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, has added yet another offense to his growing list of reasons why he needs to hurry up and step down from his mayoral position: He violated the terms of his bond by traveling to Windsor without notifying the court, and was therefore ordered to jail. Kilpatrick claims "he was not 'frolicking' in Windsor, but trying to make a deal that would let him avoid laying off more than 1,000 city workers."

But I have the scoop on what Kwame was really doing in Canada: @ Caribana!!!* He probably just drove an extra four hours to Toronto to enjoy those T-Dot girls. I hope someone bothered to tell him that international text messaging fees do apply!


* For legal purposes, I'm just kidding. The picture is completely photoshopped in case you can't tell already, lol


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