Random F.Y.I: Michael Phelps Listens to Weezy

If you have been avidly watching the swim events @ the Olympics like me...you've probably found yourself wondering what exactly is Michael Phelps listening to on his iPod ? The answer:

When asked by The Today Show what music he listens to while preparing to swim, Phelps paused before replying "Lil Wayne- 'I'm Me'" which includes the champion-themed lyrics:

"The hottest under the sun/ aint nobody fuckin' wit me, man/ and you already know that pimpin'/...fuck up my dreams; somebody gon' die tonight"
and "Aint nothin' gonna stop me, so just envy it/ Hey, I'll accept a friendly quit/ I'm me/ bitch, I'm me/ so who you?/ you're not me/ you're not me/ and I know that aint fair, but i don't care"

So Mike Phelps just got a "milli" (haha) times cooler in my book (if that's even possible). He's a Lil Wayne fan! And not just one of those new found fans who have popped up out of no where, because "I'm Me" isn't even on the Carter III! So the moral of this story is...if you want to be a champion and win 11 gold medals or sell 2 million records in only 8 weeks, listen to "I'm Me"...on repeat.



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