[Top 22 Countdown] #20: Aaliyah- We Need A Resolution

This was the first video that put Aaliyah back on the music scene after being MIA for a while. This is a great video because it was very futuristic, Aaliyah looked really beautiful and fashion forward, the choreography was on point, and the snake scene was classic. Look for a few more Aaliyah videos a little further down the countdown.


kdt said...

joya, random question -

do you know the name of the song latwila, keli and the rest of the renaissance team used to pop to at softball tournaments?

i often want to hear it, but i've never been able to find it because i don't know what to search for. this song is so reminiscent of high school for me, it would be great if you could give me a lead.


MizzBlaze said...

ummm...songs we popped to...possibly "Pump on the Floor" or "Dim Da Da" by DJ Godfather or DJ Assault.

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