The Updated Hate List [Summer 08 Edition]

1. Wack blogs- Unless you are a celebrity or you have some unique situation going on in your life...NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE SH*T GOING ON IN YOUR DAILY LIFE!!! How are you supposed to comment on someone's post talking about "so today I went to the mall and saw a really cute shirt!"? "Yeah girl! I remember this one time when I went to the mall and saw a really cute shirt too!!!" Get a freakin diary already and spare everyone.

2. After finding out you went to college, people asking you what did you pledge- Guess what? This isn't "Stomp the Yard" or whatever. Everyone who attends college does not have to pledge some frat/sorority.

3. DJs who play ballroom/ hustle music all night @ the club- Of course all black people love to hustle when they get in large groups and music is playing, but there is a limit to how much hustling we can do. Play some Soulja Boy already! Lol.

4. People that name their parties after songs- Come on people! Let's spark some creativity into our lives! I wonder who's going to be throwing the "Jockin' Jay-Z" party?

5. Certified Bangers- Let's come up with a new phrase to denote how hype a party will be. Plus, every party is NOT a certified banger.

Check out the rest of the list below!

6. Certain Black Republicans- We can agree to disagree; however, you just seem ignorant when you refer to Obama and other black people as monkeys and coons and what not. Look in the mirror, NIGGA!

7. People who broadcast every step of their lives via their Facebook status- Refer to #1

8. The Women Gymnastics Announcers @ the Beijing Olympics- They might be the most pessimistic people I've ever heard. I'm glad the gymnasts couldn't hear them talking because there would probably be a high suicide rate amongst gymnastics who competed @ the games.

9. People who don't know the difference between assimilation and integration- Just think about it...

10. People who say they hate people who go or went to the University of Michigan-
1. Shut up.
2. Everyone is different, so stop stereotyping.
3. Ya'll don't know our struggle, ya'll can't match our hustle.


Bouier said...
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Bouier said...

I don't dislike or hate U of M students, but I have observed something. They always seem to be able to drop where they went to school into any conversation, but at the same time it never came up in that conversation. Kinda like that guy at the watercooler who is telling you his resume or where he's been at in the world, but no one really asked him...you don't hate him, but he sure can get annoying...ponder on it...

Yea...other than that, #2,4,5,and 7 piss me off as well.


*Sorry about the deletion, had to edit something.*


One Ten said...

LOL, I absolutely love the list!!!!!!!!

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