"Cops Beat Man Who Was Diabetic, Not Intoxicated"

DETROIT -- The family of a diabetic man filed a $20 million federal lawsuit Monday against police in Allen Park and Dearborn, alleging officers severely beat the man after mistaking his medical condition for drunkenness.

A Dearborn police report obtained Monday by The Detroit News confirms officers repeatedly struck Ernest Griglen, 59, of Detroit during a struggle in which he reached for an insulin pump on his belt that officers thought might be a weapon.

Griglen's wife Pamela said Monday that when she saw her husband after the traffic stop, "I thought he had been in an auto accident."

Today, Griglen is unconscious and clinging to life with the use of a ventilator after emergency brain surgery at Oakwood Hospital following the traffic stop, she said.

Read the rest of the article here.

SMH @ these racist cops. 


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