Crush of the Day Revisited: Megan Fox

The internet is going nuts over Megan Fox's teen lesbian stripper crush. But I actually took the time to read the entire GQ article, and the whole lesbian stripper thing definitely got taken out of proportion. The article just showed that Megan Fox is a tatted up, free spirited, sexual individual who loves to play Xbox with her fiance, cusses a lot, and pretty much says what she feels. Oh yeah...and I still have a major girl crush* on her! 

*Girl crush= The admiraton one girl has for another. It could be to do with hair, body, make-up, car, clothes, career, talents etc. Completely non-sexual. Girl crushes are generally very short-lived, as girls move on very quickly from trends.  (from Urban Dictionary)


Zeno Jones said...

Her tats are crazyy!

MizzBlaze said...

yeah, i think she has like 8 of them

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