Ding Dong! The Mayor Is Gone!

After pleading guilty to two felony counts of obstructing justice by committing perjury, Kwame Kilpatrick, has to leave his position as mayor of Detroit, serve 120 days in jail, repay $1 million, and surrender law license. 

It is a sad day for Detroit because Kilpatrick was a promising young man, he just let corruption get the best of him. Always remember personal responsibility is key for all those who want to blame the media, the "man", etc for Kwame's downfall. Proceed, progress. Now it's time to work on making Detroit a better place.


Anonymous said...

Unvortunately, the man was always corrupt. He was able to hide it for a long time and was finally caught. It's not over yet for him. The FBI is still out there. Detroit deserves better. Hopefully, they will make better choices going forward.

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