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If you didn't already know, this chick, Natalie Dylan, is auctioning off her virginity to pay for school. Here are a few excerpts from an exclusive Scandalist interview:

First Time thoughts.

“Everyone wants the first time to be special and I can’t imagine a more special way than this,” she said.

On her sexual history.

Natalie admitted that she’s had oral sex, but reminded us that she’s technically a virgin.

Her ideal bidder?

“Barack Obama,” she tells Scandalist. “He is so charismatic.”

 I think the bigger question is (put every so eloquently by D. Smitz)..."how u go from str8 virgin 2 sellin ass?"


Anonymous said...

who dat hoe

MizzBlaze said...

lol, just some random hoe

MizzBlaze said...

lol, just some random hoe

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