Liveblogging the VMAs

11:16pm: Hmmm...when I heard the Youtube clip of "Love Lockdown", I never expected the entire song to be singing. First reaction to "Love Lockdown"...I'm going to need to hear the mp3 of this song. Dope beat but it seems like it's missing a lil somethin somethin
11:13pm: The moment I've been waiting for!!! Kanye West revealing to the world his new song "Love Lockdown"!!!
11:12pm: Britney Spears sure is winning a lot of awards for this video I've seen for the first time this weekend.
11:03pm- I think Lil Wayne has the same stylist as the Jonas Brothers. I'm glad that MTV runs on CP time too.
10:46pm- Ahhhh!!! Tokio Hotel won Best New Artist. I'm still scared of them. I really didn't know that the lead singer was a man until yesterday.
10:37pm- Whoa! When did Corbin Bleu start looking like a man??? Why didn't anyone tell me Christina Aguilera has a new song? It looks Christina has went back to her pop roots. I think I like...
10:29pm- I hope T.I. didn't really think this was the world premiere of "Live Your Life". I already know all the words already! I really like this song though. Rihanna's ensemble made her look like the Terminator. 
10:26pm- Jordin Sparks advocating slut reducers aka promise rings and introducing T.I. alongside John Legend. Sidenote: that's a big girl!
10:24pm- McLuvin and those Slipknot clowns are presenting best Hip Hop video. And of course Lil Wayne won for "Lollipop".
10:21pm- Did MTV just show us another half performance of one of my current favorite songs??? I wanted to see the Ting Tings dammit!
10:13pm- Pink's performance rocked! It had the same energy and destruction as the "So What" video. And...her hair is really bomb. Best performance of the night thus far.
10:10pm- Yeahhhh!!! Linkin Park, my favorite rock band, won Best Rock video.
10:08pm- Ooooh...Shia LaBeouf is looking nice and sophisticated. Hmmm...he might have to be my next Crush of the Day pick.
9:48pm- Who the f*ck nominated Ne-Yo for Best Dancing in a Video? Why would anyone encourage him to do more of that old man shuffling??? Good thing the Pussycat Dolls won.
9:47pm- Yeahhhhh Fanny Pack!!! I'm glad they finally got some kind of award.
9:43pm- Lil Wayne, I don't care if you sold a million records, it's still not cute to sag. And those look suspiciously like skinny jeans...how can you sag skinny jeans? 
- How dare MTV not show us the entire peformance of  Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl"!!! It's the gay song everyone loves to sing...right after YMCA. 
9:32pm- Once again...the Jonas Brothers are just so cute and wholesome!
9:29pm- No shout out to Rihanna, Chris Brown?
9:18pm- Awww...Britney Spears just received her first VMA pity Best Female Video award
9:17pm- Did someone tell Jamie Foxx he was also hosting the VMAs?
9:12pm- Ok, so maybe this Russell Brand character isn't so bad. I like the way he says Lil Wayne and he's pro-Obama!!! I bet any Republicans in the audience are feeling really salty right now. He does need to calm down a bit though.
9:06pm- I think Rihanna has been hanging out with Tim Burton lately...and no comment about her live singing because I am a Rihanna fan, lol
9:03pmBritney Spears looks nice and sane...minus the speed reading she did. Can't she do anything right??
9:00pm- Why didn't they get Jonah Hill or any of the Superbad, Knocked Up crew to host the VMAs? They are so hilarious! And I've actually heard of them, unlike this Russell Brand character.


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