Not Another Teen TV Show: 90210

The original 90210 came out in 1990. After that came plenty of TV shows dedicated to showing the world how hard it is to be a teenager with various twists. Some of my favorites include Daria, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Roswell, Popular, Degrassi, and of course The O.C. Needless to say, with all those TV shows came various cliches...and in 2008, 90210: The Next Generation seemed compelled to throw every single cliche and typical TV high school drama character into their show. For example...
-the New Kid= Annie from Kansas. I almost thought I was watching Degrassi when the show first came on. Shenae Grimes has moved on from Canadian TV.-the Token Minority= Dixon, the Black kid who was adopted by the white family. I sure hope his only role in the show doesn't revolve around him getting kicked off of Lacrosse team every week so that Ethan can show some integrity and get him back on the team.
-the popular guy who dates the popular girl but is cheating on her= Ethan and Naomi. Naomi also happens to look like a 30 year old.
-the Outsiders who are so outside it all, they are cool= Silver and that journalism guy whose name I can't remember

If I'm bored enough next week, I might tune in to see how many more cliches the show can throw in but for the most part...I think I'm straight on 90210: the Next Generation.


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