The Original "Quarantine"

You know that movie "Quarantine" that's coming out on October 10th and has that trailer with Emily Rose Jennifer Carpenter getting dragged away with the whole night vision jump off going on? That movie is actually a remake of the 2007 Spanish horror flick "[REC]". I actually just got done watching it (Why have I been watching all these Spanish horror films? I don't know, lol) and it has the whole Blair Witch/ Cloverfield shaky camera, 1st person thing going on. Without giving too much away, the film is a pretty interesting take on the typical zombie flick, though it's not really that scary in my opinion, but then again, I don't get scared easily at all (I watched "The Exorcist" by myself @ 1am with all the lights off and laughed my way through it). Since Americans usually do such a terrible job @ remaking foreign horror films, I think I'm already straight on "Quarantine"...unless someone pays, lol. I might just go check it out to see how much damage they can do to [REC]

For you ambitious movie heads, you can download [REC] here. Thanks to
 best-horror.blogspot.com for putting me on.


Anonymous said...

it's so scary but the best thriller film I've ever watched.Check out those tree films maybe not so scary but really seems to be true:Paranormal activity 1,2,3.

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