Random F.Y.I.: "Paper Planes" Is NOT A New Song

The song "Paper Planes" is the third single from M.I.A.'s album Kala, which was released on August 20, 2007. The EP, Paper Planes- Homeland Security Remixes, featuring the original version of the song and several remixes was released on February 11, 2008.

Kanye West put everyone on when he used a sample from the song for T.I.'s "Swagger Like Us". However, this song has been on my iPod for a year now, so I'm sick of people telling me about this hot new song with gun shots in it or reading lyrics from the song in people's Facebook status' like the song came out yesterday. OK, now that my rant is over...check out the video for the song. (which premiered on TRL on December 17, 2007, lol)


Bri-Z said...

M.I.A. been on the map and I been had this song on my ipod since last year of August and my friend told me that BET announced "Paper Planes" as a "New Joint". I am a true fan of M.I.A. andhave both of her albums and underground stuff she did. I've been a fan of her since the album "Arular" came out. I am so mad the fact that everyone is now starting to know nabout her music just because RAP artists such as T.I., Bun B and Rich Boy, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West did freestyles and used her song pieces in Paper Planes. Kanye West makes it seem as if he put M.I.A. on te map and as if he knew about her previous work from the past 3 years. YES PEOPLE, M.I.A. has been out since 2005 and Kanye West was not with that because he stuck in his own little world. Im not hating on Kanye West or any of those previous rappers I've mentioned (except for Lil Wayne) because I like all of them and their work. However, I do not like it when they try to put some new stuff on the map in the black community when its not even new.

Lil Zink said...

AHH MAN SHUT UP! THAT SONG SUCKS!!! and the ONLY reason people listen to it now is because artists like kanye lil wayne rich boy bun b etc. freestyled to it and made it sound nice because m.i.a cant rap to save her life and she sounds just plain horrible! i hate m.i.a she sucks at rapping! i turn to another station EVERYTIME that retarded song comes on the radio! if it werent for artists makin freestyles to that song i'd get pissed just thinkin about the song period! m.i.a SHOULD be greatful kanye sampled her and freestyled to that song or else no one would know anything about that ridiculous song today

Isabelle said...

I agree. Kind of weird to hear that song in clubs a year and a half after its official release.
But... Still can't ignore the similities between Paper Planes and Straight To Hell from The Clash.

I mean. Same beat... totally.
She's brit, don't tell me she doesn't know the clash !

MizzBlaze said...

It does sound like she sampled that song. Thanks for putting me on! Lol

MizzBlaze said...

It does sound like she sampled that song. Thanks for putting me on! Lol

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