Thoughts on the VMA Red Carpet Show

- I think I'm scared of Tokio Hotel--their hair, that man who looks very much like a woman lead singer, and they're German. Ahhhhh!!!!
- T-Pain's outfit finally seemed appropriate
- Molly Cyrus must have really been trying to making a statement for the paps and blogs by arriving to the VMAs w/ "I Kissed a Girl", Katy Perry
- It was clear that Katy Perry got her outfit from a thrift store and pieced it together herself
- Kid Rock f/ Lil Wayne? Can't wait to see that
- I heart Fanny Pack!
- the Jonas Brothers are so nice and wholesome, unlike that oh so scandalous Molly Cyrus
-I used to be scared of Slipknot, but now I finally realized they just look ridiculous (sorry Slipknot fans)
- Was that Young Jeezy riding in the Obama-mobile???


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