What Does Your Playlist Say About You?

These are the 10 most played songs on my iPod:

1. Nikki- The Dream
2. She Needs My Love- The Dream
3. I Wonder- Kanye West
4. She Knows [Interlude]- Justin Timberlake
5. On My Own Time- Gym Class Heroes
6. US Placers- CRS
7. Corporate Thuggin'- U.S.D.A.
8. You Give Me Something- James Morrison
9. I Need Love- Robin Thicke
10. Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve

What does my playlist say about me? I think it shows I have a fairly eclectic taste in music. I love The Dream (I can't wait until "Love vs. Money" comes out!) and that I am a true corporate thug! Lol. 

Share your Top 10 list with me!!! Come on...you know you want to...


Muze said...

you have a pretty good playlist. i like the dream too. 'i love your girl' is my jam.

and robin thicke.. complicated. my JAM.

my top ten... hmmm. i have TOO many songs i like! lol.

but let's see, lately i've been playing:

disturbia- rihanna
year of the lover- lloyd
are you happy now- michelle branch
a few reasons- dwele
the apology- floetry
live your life- t.i./rihanna
sex education- lloyd
pen just cries away- eric roberson
you- dwele/goapele
when i'm gone- 3 doors down

most of these are old. but i still love them. can't help it. lol.

hope all is well!

One Ten said...

Hey girl....you've been tagged!!!!!!!!!!


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