You Need To See "The Orphanage"

"El Orfanato" aka "The Orphanage" is a really good horror, mystery/suspense flick. It's in Spanish so there are subtitles, but don't let that steer you away. The film really reminded me of "The Others"/ "Pan's Labyrinth"/ a way better version of "The Messengers". It's definitely not your typical horror flick, because I actually found myself crying at the end...and I don't think horror movies are supposed to make you cry. You can watch the entire film online here. Thank me later, lol.


Bouier said...

The guy who directed Pan's Labyrinth also directed The Orphanage.

His name is Guillermo del Toro, he has also contributed towards Hellboy.

MizzBlaze said...

Del Toro was the producer of The Orphanage, the director was some newbie, Juan Antonio Bayona

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