"808s & Heartbreak" Preview

Kanye West had a listening party for his album "808s & Heartbreak" Tuesday in L.A. I saw this over @ the MTV's Newsroom blog and thought I would share it with you:

After about 10 minutes, the show began, kicking off with the intro, “Welcome to Heartbreak,” and carrying on through “Heartless,” “Love Lockdown,” “Robocop,” “Anyway” and then “Streetlights.” As each of the songs played, the naked women, the music and the choreographed, constantly changing light wall behind them drew listeners deeper into the album. Up next came “Say You Will”, probably my favorite song on the album (I was just dumped, OK? So it hits home!). The album really feels like the cycles of a relationship, all its ups, downs, exciting and boring moments, etc. “Bad News” came next (the bassline kind of reminded me of Nina Simone’s “See Line Woman”) and next was probably the only song on the album that sounded like a traditional rap song: “Amazing,” which features Young Jeezy. Lil Wayne guests on the following song, “Tell Everybody That You Know,” but the tune really shows how much of a rock star Lil Wayne is. Last but not least was the song dedicated to Kanye’s late mother, Donda, called “Coldest Winter.” The album is laced with frustration, pain and heartbreak, all of which you hear loud and clear in the closing song.

808s & Heartbreak is a rock record, a hip-hop record, an R&B record, a pop record … everything.

Hmmm...sounds pretty dope. I can't wait until November 25th to cop what I feel might be Kanye's best album yet!



A. Red said...

I'm still pretty excited about this album, even though I heard he used the vocoder for most of it. The live version of "Heartless" goes SO much harder then the studio version. We'll see....either or I'm buying it! LOL

Bouier said...

College Dropout > Everything Else in Discography

MizzBlaze said...

@ A.Red: There was another article about the listening party talking about how you can hear the Auto-Tune throughout the entire album, so hopefully that won't ruin the whole thing.

@ Bouier: College Dropout is a classic but you haven't even gave 808's a chance!

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