Don't Sleep: New Music

This is the Musiq I'm used to. "So Beautiful" is a nice, soothing slow jam that is more similiar to "Teachme" and "Halfcrazy" as opposed to "Radio".

If you like Coldplay, Jay-Z, or Jay-Z's song "Beach Chair", you're sure to love this song! Wouldn't it be ridiciously dope if Jay-Z and Coldplay did a collision course album? Hmmm...

Shouts to Xclusives Zone 

I haven't liked Cam'ron since his "Purple Haze" days, but I had to share this song because he sampled what I think might be the best song ever used in a commercial

Shouts to Xclusives Zone


Bouier said...

Jigga's verse is the same one from the infamous "Grammy Family" freestyle. Which, if you haven't heard you are on some narcoleptic hibernation steez.

MizzBlaze said...

Hmmm...I didn't even realize that. Thanks for the heads up.

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