UPDATE: What I'm Reading

So I finished reading "Twilight" in one day...and it was great! The ending was a bit fast and a little anti-climatic and I could have done without Stephenie Meyer describing on every page Edward's eyes and his seductive voice. I get that the book is intended for a young adult audience but young adult doesn't equal mentally challenged. I think everyone gets the idea of how sexy and irresistible Edward is after the first few chapters. 

Edward and Bella's romance is what captures readers and makes this book interesting and hard to put down. Now I can't wait for the movie to come  out so I can see their relationship played out in real life! The Twilight movies hits theatres on November 21st. Are there any "Twilight" fans out here in the Insomniac Zone??? I hope I'm not the only one...[Crickets chirp]. LOL


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