Ain't No One Hatin' On YOU!

Have you ever looked at people's Facebook statuses, MySpace pages, blogs, or photo captions, and saw things like "I just want to thank my haters...", "Don't hate, you're just jealous", etc and shook your head or just got irritated when someone called you a "hater" because you told them something they needed to hear?

Well I have...and I think it's a bit ridiculous. First of all, not enough people care about YOU to waste large amounts of energy or time to "hate" on you. Beyonce has haters. Barack Obama has haters. YOU know a few people who may have talked sh*t about you (probably involving a specific incident), and then that was that. 

And then I never really understood the fascination people have with thanking their "haters" or dedicating this and that to their "haters". The "haters" are supposed to motivate you to do better. Why would you waste any more of your time/energy to go on and on about how helpful your haters have been? That's like reverse progress. Move on already.

And finally, constructive criticism is not "hating". It's keeping it real. Learn the difference. 

I'm not saying that haters don't exist. Of course everyone knows someone or a group of someones who may have contributed to a setback in your life, but I think people just have this unreal idea of "all these people hatin' on me". Like I said, no one really cares about YOU. 

Oh yeah...I wanna take the time to dedicate this post to ALL MY HATERS! HI HATER! HATERS EVERYWHERE I GO! DON'T HATE! YOU JUST JEALOUS CUZ THE INSOMNIAC ZONE IS STYLIN ON YO BLOG! YOU MADDDDDD?! Lolol, I just couldn't resist.

(This post is not dedicated to anyone in particular)


Eb the Celeb said...

there is a thin line between hating and constructive criticism... you should know that friends are trying to make you better and most times those that are not friends... are just hating...

I have learned to embrace my haters thanks to Katt Williams...lol

A. Red said...

Dead @ this entire post but I feel you!

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