Burning Questions About the American Music Awards

I only caught the last hour of the 2008 American Music Awards, but these are some of the questions I had while watching:

1) Why did Rihanna look like a cross between Slick Rick and Michael Jackson from the "Remember the Time" video while she was performing "Rehab"?

2) Why is Natasha Bedingfield still performing "Unwritten"? Don't get me wrong, that's a great song...but it came out in 2006...it's almost 2009.

3) Why did I keep mistaking Pink for Keyshia Cole all night? She must have one hell of a tan!

4) Why did Alicia Keys bring out that opera singer to sing "Superwoman" with her??? Like seriously...what was that lady supposed to contribute to the song? Plus I HATE opera, lol.

5) Did Chris Brown really win Artist of the Year over Coldplay and Alicia Keys (especially Coldplay)? Don't get me wrong, I really like Chris Brown and he's been doing his thing this year...but...over COLDPLAY?! Maybe the people who gave out these awards haven't heard Viva La Vida yet.


A. Red said...

I was literally LMFAO when the Opera singer was on. I just couldn't grasp why Alicia thought that was cool. It didn't help that her shawl was all over the place. SMH

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