Burning Questions About Real Chance of Love

I actually bothered to sit down and watch an episode of "Real Chance of Love" for the first time and I just have to ask these questions:

1. WHY are Chance and Real always so highly accessorized??? In this episode, Chance had a bandana around his neck, a scarf, a chain, a bandana on his head, a hat, a bandana hanging from his pocket, a watch and a bracelet on his wrists. Real had on a cowboy hat, sunglasses, rings on every other finger, a wrestling belt and a wallet chain. I mean...really? Is all that needed?

1a) How do you make Ed Hardy look gaudy??? It's accepted that Ed Hardy is already very extra, so when you just look a mess in Ed Hardy--you really had to go out of your way.

2) Does anyone else think that their ghetto cowboy swag seems more like Brokeback Mountain gear? I'm just saying...

3) Will the _________ of Love spin-offs ever end??? 


Joy said...

LMAO I never even noticed how much they over dress. I think they are gay they had one episode w/ their other brother and that nigga had a perm and a flip. The next ______ of love show is w/Chilli(old ass ,) ...funny 2 me! I guess her suprise guest will be her baby daddy Dallas Austin

RyeHeartChance&Real said...

Joya, I think they are both very sexy and confident men.

and Joy they clearly are not gay, because they are on a show looking for love from a woman.

MizzBlaze said...

@ Joy: Awww man. I might have to watch Chilli's show. I'm the biggest TLC fan ever.

@ ryeheartchance: I think Chance is cute. One thing I can say about both of them are that they are entertaining. I don't really think they're gay, they just dress very metro.

A. Red said...

I tried to watch it yesterday, but I had to stop because I couldn't take Real serious sitting their looking like Joan of Arc in that hooded sweater. No ma'm! What REALLY cracks me up is their "hood wear" with rhinestones and cowboy boots.

Chance IS hilarious though. I'll give him that.

MizzBlaze said...

lololol @ Real looking like Joan of Arc.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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