It's November!!!!

Yeahhhhh!!! It's finally November and there just seems to be a lot of exciting things going on during this month, such as....

  • November 4: ELECTION DAY!!!! Everybody make sure you go out and vote for Obama so we can make history and I can bump "My President is Black" alllll day on the 5th! 
  • November 11: T-Pain's Thr33 Ringz drops...not really that exciting but I'm sure I'll be jammin to his CD until...
  • November 18: Beyonce's new double CD I Am...Sasha Fierce drops!!! (This is the cue for all Beyonce fans to start screaming hysterically and do dance moves from "Single Ladies" and "Get Me Bodied")
  • November 21: The Twilight movie comes out!!! I don't know if you can tell from my previous posts, but I've become an avid fan of the series so I can't wait! 
But wait...there's more!!!
  • November 25: Kanye's "808s & Heartbreak" drops! Will it be his best album yet or will it just be a really bizarre, love song, tribal drum, Auto-Tuned filled effort? Either way...I can't wait to find out!

What are YOU the most excited about for November?


Bouier said...

Q-Tip: The Renaissance November 4th
Mos Def's new single officially releases on November 4th
Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul EP
Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy November 23
Illa J
Scarface - Emeritus

Quantum of Solace November 14th

I personally feel those are more important...

Joy said...

Nov. 3- Stealing MY DVD's back from you!

Anonymous said...


MizzBlaze said...

Bouier: i guess I did forget about all the hip hop records about to drop this month, lol

Joy: Shut up

Anonymous: Happy Birthday!!! lol

A. Red said...

I'm SOOOO excited for Kanye album to drop. It may be bizarre but he'll have us all rocking to it regardless.

I'll be happy if Beyonce new cd has some grooves like off her first cd. I STILL play her that cd on a regular.

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