Quote of the Day from Beyonce/ Beyonce Hate Blog?

Beyonce was on Oprah today and admitted that "It feels great" to be called wife. Then she dropped some knowledge on all the girls who've taken the line "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it" to the head:

Have your own life before you become someone else's wife.
True! Ladies need to take note, because while we're running around singing "Single Ladies", Beyonce already has a husband! Lol.

AND speaking of my homegirl Beyonce...my friend Dominique told me about this blog, HateOnBeyonce.blogspot.com. Now, I know that everyone is not going to like every artist that comes out and has the right to rant about how much they hate them. Just look at me, I talk sh*t about Ne-Yo every opportunity that I get. However, I would never take out the time to create an ENTIRE blog, create a gmail account and actually write over 25 posts about how much I hate an artist. Like really...how lame is that? I guess I'm biased because I'm a ride or die Beyonce fan, but I think whoever owns that blog should consider getting a life. You aren't stopping Beyonce's cash flow in the least. Get @ me! Lol.


Murph McMahon said...

I also hate on Ne-Yo on the regular.
Beyonce? Ehh...take it or leave it. I'm trying not to hate on her as much as I used to.
But...she gives me so much fodder.
For instance, that pic is Photoshopped as hell. Not the actual posing, just the cosmetics on her face and legs.

See? It's hard.


MizzBlaze said...

It may be hard but at least you didn't give into the need to go create an entire blog about how hard it is to not hate on Beyonce and then write an extensive post about how photoshopped she is, lol

Eb the Celeb said...

yeah... who has the time and energy to devote a blog to something like that... granted when she does something dumb I highlight it just because her fans think she's god... but yeah ... what she said on Oprah yesterday was so true

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