Review of Kanye West's "808s & Heartbreak"

As you should probably already know, Kanye West dropped his 4th album, 808s & Heartbreak yesterday and here is my (very) brief review of it:

Depressing R&B lyrics + Hip Hop/ electro beats + Auto Tune= 808s & Heartbreak

This isn't Kanye's best album to date like I was hoping it might be, but it is a pretty good CD. You can always count on Kanye to step outside the box and do something different. Some of my favorite tracks include "Say You Will", "Paranoid", "Amazing" and "Street Lights". The one issue that I really had with the CD is wtf is up with the album version of "Robocop"?! I loved the leaked version of the song, but Kanye had to go add a symphony to the track and mess it up, lol.

Are you feeling Kanye's new CD?


Joy said...

his CD is like beyond depressing. it makes u think likw wtf happends to him and ol girl because every song is about her. it should have been titled "she broke my heart". i love kanye and i will just give him a pass on this one

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