Trey Songz and Flo Rida's Gap Commerical

This commercial made me feel a variety of ways while I watched it:

  • * This sh*t...is wack.
  • * Ok, so maybe it isn't that wack. Actually it's kind of catchy.
  • * Oh no! Not "whippin 24s and stuntin all the way". I guess that's one way to try to get black people's attention.
  • * Are those Obama "O's" Trey is throwin up?
  • * Sidenote: Why do white people love Flo Rida so much? He's an ok rapper (and that's me being generous). Just play "Low" or "In the Ayer" and watch them go into a frenzy. 
  • * Overall, what did I get from this commercial? I wouldn't mind spending Christmas with Trey. Lol


Nina said...

trey songz is so sexy. u cant convince me otherwise lol

Murph McMahon said...

Interesting. I'm a [hetero] fan of Trey, so...decent. I don't fuggs with Dic Rida, though, sew...3/5?

I might snatch this, for mp3 reasons. Check with me...eventually.


A. Red said...

Trey upgraded himself by cutting his hair. He's actually looking real good to me now.

I need for GAP to not try to relate to us with references to hood ish. SMH

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