Twilight Was Actually Good!

I went to go see "Twilight" yesterday and I liked it, which is very surprising seeing as how I tend to hate movies based on the books I like (including  the "Harry Potter" movies).

The actors are convincing in their roles, and I think the movie stayed true enough to the book. There were actually a lot of lines directly from the book, and they only changed the order of a few events and omitted some things, none of which were distracting enough to take away from the overall feel of the novel.

I always thought the ballet studio scene in the book was a bit blah so I was glad to see that it was a little more exciting in the movie. And I think the ending leads up nicely to New Moon.

Overall, I loved the book and liked the movie. Catherine Hardwicke did a good job...I might even go see it again! I'm glad that I can look forward to the movies since I'm done reading all the books in the Twilight series.


One Ten said...

I didn't read the book nor do I plan on watching the movie. But I still do value your opinion highly!!! LOL!

MizzBlaze said...

lol thanks!

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