The X List: Obama Haters

I stumbled across an interesting post on Bossip today about how a new era has brought old hatred to the forefront. Apparently there is an "Impeach Barack Obama" Facebook group that has over 4,000 members. Then this hawp, Lindsey Boggs, had the nerve to have a Facebook status saying "Lindsey is going to shoot herself before all the NICCERS get a chance...that's right i said it!!! say something!"

Well since I stay on Facebook, I instantly tried to search for her profile, but to no avail. But I did find the "LINDSEY BOGGS, THE EXPOSED RACIST...SLAP HER IF YOU SEE HER" group, which had over a 1,000 members. Needless to say, I found that very hilarious, lol. I don't understand why people still haven't realized that Facebook can ruin your life if you're not careful. The only job this chick is going to be able to get is being a secretary for the KKK. 

But any who...in this world of "E-thugs, Facebook gangsters, and Honesty Box Warriors", I've become used to people talking recklessly just because they think they are anonymous or unreachable. But for all you Obama haters out there, the reality of the situation is that Barack Hussein Obama is going to be the 44th President of the United States, whether you like it or not, so you better learn to deal with it or feel free to move.


Joy said...

She had the Palin swoop all the needs is glasses

A. Red said...

I am dead she had the nerve to do this. Do she not know how small the world is? She'll be on the new in a month dressed like a mummy after somebody stick their foot off in her ass.

MizzBlaze said...

lol @ both of ya'll

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