The Best Part of "Seven Pounds"...

...was Rosario Dawson

She did an excellent job at portraying Emily Posa, a woman whose heart is failing. Not to say Will Smith didn't do a good job, but through out the course of the movie, I found myself feeling a lot sorrier for Dawson's character as opposed to Will's. She just seemed so sad and fragile!

Overall, I think "Seven Pounds" was an ok movie. I can't see myself watching it again. The movie seemed to be so concerned with making movie goers feel all sad and emotional, the unraveling of the big "mystery" was kind of irrelevant. Also, I wouldn't recommend anyone suffering from an increase of depression during the holiday season to go see this movie, lol.


Bouier said...

For once I will have to say that I agree with you. Yea, I know crazy right.

But yea, it was a pretty good movie. Def wouldn't purchase it though.

Also, I wonder if you got the metaphor about the things that he did.

*Spoiler Alert*

Eyes, Heart, and Home specifically. The other 4 I didn't figure out yet, from a metaphorical stance.

MizzBlaze said...

You know I think I was too focused on what was going on Rosario Dawson's character life to care about what Will Smith was trying to prove at the end of the movie, lol.

Joy said...

Yeah I think her role stood out more than Will. How funny is thst him in a movie and he so wasnt even the star.

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