Burning Questions About Plies

Why in the world does Plies have so many freaking CDs out already???

 He released his first album, The Real Testament (which featured the hit single "Shawty") on August 7, 2007. Then 10 months later he dropped his second album Definition of Real. His third album, Da REAList, came out on December 16, 2008--only 6 months after his second album! But wait...there's more! In a recent interview, Plies has stated that he already has his 4th album completed, which will be entitled REALer Than Usual, which is supposed to be released in April or May of 09.

WTF is this guy trying to do? Win a Guinness World record for the highest amount of records recorded in the span of 3 years? Or is he trying to hurry up and come out with a bunch of CDs before he runs out of clever ways to use the word "REAL" in the title? We get it, Plies. You're real. Please move onto another motif already.

It's artists like this who have hip hop on life support. Take some time to create a quality album instead of all that freak nasty sh*t Plies is known for.


One Ten said...

LOL. What's funny is that so many people actually feel Plies...including some of my friends. I mean, his music serves a purpose, but c'mon. His whole life and style is an on-wax replication of his brother who's really living it, Plies is a phony.

Not to mention his lyrical range is that of Dr. Seuss'.

Anonymous said...

i heart plies.

Anonymous said...

its crazy kuz everybody says diz nigga is fake or he dnt kno how 2 rap.bt yet u niggaz have already seen dat 2 of his 3 albums den went RIAA gold and his 3rd is on its way there.u niggas steady talkin but he still do n shyt u aint do n.Entertain.Hes real ur not.

MizzBlaze said...

its crazy cuz no where in this post did you read something about me saying he was fake. But I do believe Andre 3000 said it best "If you say REAL talk, I probably won't trust you"

I'm sure Plies is happy to have such loyal fans as yourself to go out and buy those 10 albums he's dropping next week

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