Don't Sleep: New Music From Jay-Z f/ Santogold

(Shouts to Xclusives Zone)

I guess Kanye's new thing is to take songs from alternative artists like M.I.A. and Santogold, sample some clever phrase they say in the song, then turn it into a hip hop anthem. "Brooklyn we go hard" is a line from one of my favorite Santogold songs, "Shove It". I sure hope Black people don't play this song out like they did w/ "Paper Planes" a year after the fact. Check out the original below:


Sandra said...

"we think you're a joke, shove your hope where it don't shine". LOL i love this song! that's my favorite line. i love Santogold, started listening to her stuff towards the end of the summer.
I'm mad Santogold is not getting the praise and publicity she deserves cuz her album is THAT DEAL. And of course, if Jay Z releases the song, if it sounds hot, everyone will forget the O.G. But I hope when it comes out, it gives her some more exposure.

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