Don't Sleep New Music From Rihanna f/ Chris Brown

Clearly, Polow da Don played Ciara w/ that wack track he gave her but he definitely hooked Rihanna up with a banger. This song is hott! The only thing I can't understand is why is Chris Brown rapping when he knows he has that lisp? I can't wait for Rihanna's next album to drop because I loved Good Girl Gone Bad. People talk about how Rihanna has no talent but she does what she does well. 

P.S.: Did you hear the rumor about Chris Brown proposing to Rihanna?


A. Red said...

FTFO @ lisp! LMAO Girl I'm too mad he's tryna sound like Ye.

However, THIS IS MY NEW JAM!! RiRi is definitely dishing out the hits.

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