"Obama Used as Tool For Hate Groups"

Please check out this video from CNN and this article from the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are both pretty interesting and a lot more shocking than those Drunken Negro head cookies. Here's an excerpt from the article that I found particularly disturbing, especially since I haven't heard anything about these incidents in the news:

Now, these groups have begun to turn their attention to Obama – distributing racist propaganda, filling Internet message boards with threats and messages of hate, and, in some cases, taking more direct action against minorities. Here is a sampling of racial incidents reported in the wake of the election:

  • Police in Riverside County, California, said five attacks on minorities were likely related to the election and were believed to have been carried out by a local white supremacist gang.
  • In Shreveport, La., a black man wearing an Obama T-shirt was brutally beaten by a group of white men screaming "f--k Obama" and "n-----r president." The attack left the man with a broken nose, broken eye socket and broken tear duct, requiring multiple surgeries.
  • In Springfield, Mass., a black church was burned hours after the election was called for Obama. Authorities later arrested three white men.
  • In Staten Island, N.Y., a black teen was bloodied and bruised by two white teens who shouted "Obama" while pummeling him with a bat and pipe.
  • In Rexburg, Idaho, second- and third-graders on a school bus chanted "assassinate Obama."
  • In Torrance, Calif., swastikas and racial slurs were spray-painted on homes and cars of people who displayed Obama signs or bumper stickers.
  • In Milwaukee, a poster of Obama with a bullet going through his head was discovered in a police station.
  • In Maine, a sign at a convenience store invited customers to join a betting pool on when Obama would be assassinated. The sign said, "Let's hope we have a winner."
What do you think about this video and article? Did you know anything about these incidents?


yesdoesn'tmeanno said...
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yesdoesn'tmeanno said...

This is horrible and disgraceful to believe that people would behave in such a matter producing hatred towards one another over the color of one skin!!! Wow to think, we have bigger things to worry about such as a cure for cancer, the economy, and a new season for the Detroit lions! This is a reflection of ignorance of mankind where a man is mocked and ridiculed not by his action, his decorum, his decision making abilities, but based on how God made a decided that we were designed genetically different and are not identical twins. One day man would be judged not on his appearances, but on his capabilities

MizzBlaze said...

Well said...and lol about the Lions. I guess that is a top priority, lol

MizzBlaze said...

Well said...and lol about the Lions. I guess that is a top priority, lol

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