It Cost $2 Million to Make This Film...They Made $30 Back!

Zyzzyx Road is a 2006 independent thriller which has gained notoriety for being one of the lowest grossing films EVER! It costs $2 million to make, and only made $30 back--that's exactly six people!

And the movie had a slightly famous person in it--Katherine Heigl! The "Grey's Anatomy" stans couldn't even help this movie, lol.


Charles said...

Oh wow...I never even heard of that movie. So...did it only make $30, or did it make $2 mil and $30, with $30 as profit? Cause if it just made only $30, thats sad...I could make a movie that makes more than that.

MizzBlaze said...

I believe they only made $30, lol

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