January Movie Picks

My Bloody Valentine 3D (January 16th)

Hello?! Am I the only person excited about this movie?! Of course it very well may be terrible and stupid like most slasher flicks tend to be...but you get to
 see people get killed in 3D! How great is that? Lol


Notorious (January 16th)

While I'm at the movies watching My Bloody Valentine, all the rest of the black people and hip hop fans will be watching "Notorious"...because it's not like we don't know enough about Biggie's life. Now we have the opportunity to pay money to see random actors try to portray his life! Can't you see how excited I am about this movie? Lol. But lowkey...it might be good. Somebody let me know... 

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (January 23rd)

I'm a fan of the first two Underworld movies, so this film seems interesting since we are going back in time way before the first Underworld movie started. However, I'm a big fan of vampires, not so much of werewolves (aka Lycans) so I don't know if I'll be able to appreciate their rise.


A. Red said...

I'm SUPER geeked for My Bloody Valentine. I love horror films...even though I'm either laughing or turning my head the entire time. My grown self is REALLY geek at the fact its 3d too.

I was excited to see Notorious, but I don't know how I feel about them kinda dissing Kim. I thought they all had say so in the film. Now I know they don't so we're about to get a one-sided take and I'm disappointed. Too many of them are alive for that to happen.

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