Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire

Hopefully you have heard of "Push". It's about an obese, illiterate 16 year old girl who is pregnant with her second child...which happens to be by her father. Directed by Lee Daniels, who also served as a producer on "Monster's Ball", the film features an all-star cast including a serious Mo'Nique, a gay Paula Patton, a Mariah Carey who can supposedly act, and newcomer Gabourey Sidibe.

The film swept the Sundance Awards, winning both the grand jury and audience award for U.S. Drama and Mo'nique won the special jury award for acting. The film is being hailed as the Harlem version of "Color Purple". 

The movie hasn't been picked up for distribution yet because there's a chance it might get a NC-17 rating, but hopefully everyone will get a chance to check it out soon!


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