What Book/Movie/TV Series Do You Revisit Over and Over?

I saw this over on EW's PopWatch Blog and thought it would be pretty interesting to see....

What are the books, movies, and tv shows readers of the Insomniac Zone can never get enough of? 

Here's my list:
Books- The Chronicles of Narnia, The Coldest Winter Ever, Harry Potter, the Twilight saga, Crash (by Jerry Spinelli)
Movies- Clueless, Mean Girls, ATL, Sister Act 2
TV Series- Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Recess, the Simpsons, The O.C. (Season 1), and Family Guy

Alright! I'm waiting to see YOUR picks! 


Anonymous said...

Movies - The Notebook, Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar

TV - Fresh Prince, CSI Las Vegas/Miami, SVU... and now I'm an avid House marathon watcher lol

A. Red said...

Movies: A Thin Line, Nothing To Lose, Stomp The yard

Books: Coldest Winter Ever, Mena's Joint


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