All This Chris Brown/ Rihanna Drama is Crazy!

OK...so I know you know about Chris Brown giving Rihanna a beat down. Every hour, there's some new update or rumor about the situation. I love Chris Brown, but it is completely unacceptable what he did and I hope he pays the consequences. Now that I got that out the way, here's the funniest rumor I've heard yet from TMZ:

The police report cites Penal Code Section 245 -- Assault with a Deadly Weapon. However, we're told there was no weapon involved.

We had been hearing there was an umbrella in the car -- which would have been the most ironic thing ever -- but again... no weapon is alleged.
Come on! I know you giggled a little bit at the thought of Chris Brown beating Rihanna with an umbrella! LOL!

But seriously, domestic abuse is NEVER ok. Check out the National Domestic Violence Hotline  or call 1-800-799-SAFE to get help.


Anonymous said...

every man has the right to smack his B up SSSMMAAck

VoiceOfReezon said...


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