Random Burning Questions

Image spotted @ Best Week Ever

1. Why, Rihanna? Why?!!!! Couldn't you have at least waited until after the court date?

2. Why does Ray-J have no bass in his voice? 

3. Who thought that Kanye would end up dating a video hoe?

4. Who is going to end up winning America's Best Dance Crew? Quest Crew and Beat Freaks are both sooooo good.

5. Why does Day 26 really think they are going to last as a group? They aren't even that memorable. 

6. Why are there so many good movies coming out in March?! I.E. "Watchmen", "The Last House on the Left",  and "The Haunting in Conneticut".

7. Aren't the Slumdog Millionaire kids so freaking adorable??? That movie makes me want to go adopt a bunch of little kids from Mumbai. 

8. Why is Real one step away from becoming a woman? I do like pretty boys but he's taken it too far!!!


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