Breaking Down Ciara's "Fantasy Ride"


1. Ciara to the Stage- Love it!
5. Like a Surgeon- Nice little jam. Ciara can never go wrong using similes as songs.
7. Lover's Thing (f/ The Dream)- This is really just a classic Dream track that Ciara happened to be on, lol.
11. Keep Dancin' On Me- Another nice smooth jam.
12. Tell Me What Your Name Is- This is probably my second favorite track after "Ciara to the Stage"

2. Love Sex Magic (f/ Justin Timberlake)- I still like the video more than the song.
6. Never Ever (f/ Young Jeezy)- This song has yet to grow on me...and I love Jeezy but his appearance on this song is so random.
8. Work (f/ Missy Elliot)- I can imagine a certain demographic will absolutely love this song. It's fierce! Lol
9. Pucker up- This song is another example of why I think the "s-word" (swag) needs to be abolished.
10. G is for Girl (A-Z)- Catchy chorus...

3. High Price (f/ Ludacris)- No. The opera voice is not working, Ciara.
4. Turntables (f/ Chris Brown)- This song just doesn't do it for me...maybe because of the Chris Brown feature, lol. But really, the song is just kind of weird. It's supposed to be a dance track but it's hard to even groove to it.
13. I Don't Remember- A slow song about being drunk and having a hangover w/ Ne-Yo doing background vocals? No, thank you.

Note: All the songs in the FTW category are slow to mid-tempo tracks. And with the exception of "Tell Me What Your Name Is", they were all collaborations with the Dream and/or Tricky Stewart.

FINAL VERDICT: I can't wait for the Dream to come out with another CD! Lol. But seriously, remember when Ciara was the princess of Crunk or whatever on Goodies? Apparently, she's learned to make nice, smooth R&B songs at the sacrifice of that title. I wasn't feeling any of the more uptempo songs on this album. Hopefully, she'll be able to balance it out on the next album. This album gets a C...for Ciara... and mediocracy!

Fantasy Ride officially hits the streets on May 5th. 


Anonymous said...

lmao at you grading her cd "C" for Ciara!! yea she alright. I feel u on the Dream, i heart his music soo much!! i cant wait til he drops c.millian thou

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