The Dream + Christina Milian < Janet Jackson/ RIP VIBE

The Dream and Christina Milian were set to appear on what will now be the final issue of VIBE Magazine. RapRadar is reporting that this issue won't even be available at the newsstands...thank goodness.

Just look at that cover! I've seen Facebook pictures that look better than that. I love the Dream, but no one really wants to see him or Christina Milian on the cover of a magazine. And Christina must've thought everyone was joking about her looking terrible with blonde hair. I don't care if you have black tips now, the blonde look isn't doing you any justice!

But anyway...as someone who served on VIBE's College Advisory Board from 2005-2006, it's sad to see the magazine come to an end. The internet has pretty much officially killed paper. RIP VIBE.


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