The Insomniac Zone is 1!

Well technically it's like 1.5 years old, because I actually created this blog in February 08 but I didn't really start writing on it until the end of June 08....so I just declared June 24th as the unofficial 1 year anniversary. Deal with it.

Now here comes the thanks...thanks to:
- Everyone who visits my blog on a consistent basis
- Other bloggers who have shown me love and added me to their blog roll
- People who have told other people about the Insomniac Zone
- Everyone who has endured my updates about the Insomniac Zone on Facebook, Twitter, or AIM.

Here's to another year of blogging, entertainment, and of course...NO SLEEP!


Anonymous said...

& I would like to thank my top commenter's Joy & Smitz AKA anonymous

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